Code club for kids

Environ Digital runs coding workshops on Saturday mornings for children aged 8 - 13

Over the last couple of years we've been running coding workshops for children at Victoria Avenue Library in Blackley. Our aim is to reach children who wouldn't normally have access to these types of activities and so far it's been a huge success.

We design games in scratch, make websites with HTML and CSS, create things with the raspberry pi and microbit and code in python. We have sent our code to the international space station and held robotics workshops too. There's loads going on at the code club and we are always welcoming new members to the club. We also can't operate without the help of our awesome volunteers who have been integral on welcoming our new members into the club.

New members are introduced to scratch programming or something more complicated if they've done this before, we find out what they want to achieve while they're at code club and we share ideas with each other during the session. We don't want the club to feel like school so we have loads of fun and at the end we play each others games and give each other tips on how we can improve.

If you're interested in joining our code club we run every other week at Avenue Library and Learning Centre in Blackley, checkout the clubs website for specific dates and times.